NewSun Technology Center, founded in 2010, is a municipal enterprise technology center identified by the Changsha Municipal Commission of industry and information technology.

The technology center has 23 professional and technical personnel, accounting for 15.2% of the total number of employees, of which 3 are senior titles, 15 at intermediate level, 5 for primary titles, 2 for doctorates and 14 for masters.

The technology center consists of the quality inspection department, the technical transformation department, the R & D department, the industry university research cooperation department, the laboratory, the intelligence and intellectual property office.


  • Molecular distillation technology
    Molecular distillation technology

    Molecular distillation is a special type of liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from traditional distillation relying on separating principle of the difference of boiling point,

  • but relying on the difference of the mean free mean free path of molecules of different substances to achieve separation.when liquid mixture flow along heating Board and is heated, the light and heavy molecules will escape from the liquid surface and enter the gas phase.

Intellectual property


  • Mettler melting point instrument
    Mettler melting point instrument

    The instrument uses electronic technology to realize temperature programmed control, initial melting and final melting digital display. The linear corrected platinum resistance is used as the detection element, and the rapid "starting temperature" setting and the linear temperature rise rate for the four gear are realized by the electronic circuit. The instrument uses the capillary of the Pharmacopoeia as the sample tube, and through the high magnification magnifier to observe the melting process of the sample in the capillary, it is clear and intuitive. It is an ideal melting point detection instrument for pharmaceutical, chemical, dyestuff, spice, rubber and so on.

  • Agilent liquid chromatograph

    According to stationary phase, liquid chromatography is liquid or solid, and is divided into liquid liquid chromatography (LLC) and liquid solid chromatography (LSC). The modern liquid chromatograph consists of high pressure infusion pump, sampling system, temperature control system, chromatographic column, detector, signal recording system and so on. Compared with the classical liquid chromatographic column, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high speed and sensitivity. A liquid chromatograph is used to separate the mixture of high boiling point and difficult gas through a column of core. It is applied to biomedicine, environmental chemistry, petrochemical industry and other departments.

    Agilent liquid chromatograph
  • Agilent gas chromatograph
    Agilent gas chromatograph

    Gas chromatograph, after the analysis sample is gasified in the inlet, is carried into the column by the carrier gas. Through the chromatographic column with different retention properties in the pre detected mixture, the components are separated and introduced into the detector in order to get the detection signal of each component. According to the order of import detector, after comparison, which components can be distinguished, the content of each component can be calculated according to peak height or peak area. The commonly used detectors are: thermal conductivity detector, flame ionization detector, helium ionization detector, ultrasonic detector, photoionization detector, electron capture detector, flame photometric detector, electrochemical detector, mass spectrometer detector and so on.

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