• NewSun will develop a systematic talent introduction planning and staffing plan, widely absorb the identification with company culture, and be willing to stabilize the social elite with the company's joint development and progress for a long time. At the same time, the company is also combined with a number of colleges and universities to select professional counterparts, ideological progress, positive youth talent, to the company to inject the most dynamic fresh blood.

  • Newsun has set up a whole complete growth system for the qualified personnel to join. Through the establishment of long-term cooperation and internal training platform with the external training institutions, the human resources training system is continuously optimized and perfected, and the talents are managed scientifically and rationalized, and the employees' potential can be stimulated through effective incentives.

  • In the talent development system of NewSun, Changsha, according to the principle of "main job needs, taking into account the potential development and expanding the career route", we can plan a perfect and personalized career path for different types of employees. For example, from the novice to skilled development from the operators, the technicians pay more attention to the theory and the innovation. In the development, managers focus on the development from execution to control, and create passages for cross development among the sequence workers.

  • Let the organization be more efficient, make employees happier and make the stage wider.

Please pay attention to our latest recruitment information
  • Job Name Graphic Designers
    No. of Hiring 5 Valid until Unlimited
    Education University Degree Gender Female
    Age 20-30 Salary 3000-5000
    Language Unlimited Location Beijing


    1, related to arts, graphic design specialty, college degree or above;
    2, good art foundation, good understanding of the creative thinking and ability, understanding customer requirement;
    3, skilled use of design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash etc.;
    4, understanding of div+css+js webpage layout design;
    5, good communication skills, team cooperation spirit and high sense of responsibility, bearing pressure,innovation spirit, guarantee the quality of work;

  • Job Name Receptionist
    No. of Hiring 2 Valid until Unlimited
    Education University Degree Gender Female
    Age 20-25 Salary Negotiable
    Language Unlimited Location Beijing


    1, cheerful, warm, height 1.60 meters of above, good face, good temperament;
    2, good putonghua, good language expression ability and communication ability;
    3, skilled use of computer, fax and all kinds of office software,eg. word, excel;
    4, work actively, serious, and good team cooperation spirit;
    5, good ideological and moral quality, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of service.

  • Job Name Sales Manager
    No. of Hiring 10 Valid until Unlimited
    Education University Degree Gender Unlimited
    Age 20-25 Salary Negotiable
    Language Unlimited Location Beijing


    1, good putonghua, cheerful, affinity, good at communicating;
    2, having a customer resources is preferred;
    3, having a ability of market development and mining customer potential demand;
    4, good customer service consciousness, high sense of responsibility.

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